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Our roots go back almost 30 years as the pioneers in Spirulina production. Today we offer a solid base of quality Spirulina and Spirulina-based products, with distribution in over 20 countries around the globe.

In 1976 a group of U.S. visionary pioneers, founded the progenitor of Earthrise, Proteus Corporation, to develop Spirulina blue-green algae as a world food resource. Proteus was funded by a group of private California investors committed to the vision and hope Spirulina represented. This team began cultivation in the hot desert area in Southeastern part of California in the late 1970s.

In 1982, Earthrise® developed a partnership with a Japanese company, Dainippon Inc Corporation (DIC), a diversified product company with a commitment to developing microalgae for food, biochemicals and pharmaceuticals that had just begun growing Spirulina in Thailand. This unique partnership between California entrepreneurs and Japanese corporate intrapreneurs flourished to a dynamic growth of Spirulina production as well as its market worldwide. In 2005, Earthrise® Nutritionals was wholly owned by Dainippon Inc Corporation. (the present DIC corporation) Today, our farm is the world's largest Spirulina farm, and together with our sister companies' farm in China and Thailand, DIC group is the largest Spirulina producer in the world.

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